Hey everyone, as you all know, the press is flocking to rave about how great we are. Anyway, to accommodate the media's unending desire to get a scoop on everyone else, Rich has graced a few lucky zines with answers to their burning questions. Here they are......

The Atomic Leg Drop Zine

Rock In Spain

Culture Brats


The first one is from the folks at CD Smash...

What's been going on? Any BIG news?

Well, we have a new guitar player, Danny Lee Thrill, which is awesome because it's much more fun having a guitar player and playing shows than it is auditioning guitar players.

List the member's of I LOVE RICH and the instruments they Play?

Well, I'm Rich and I sing and play bass, Drewblood plays drums, Danny Lee Thrill plays the lead guitar, and Chuck E. Sleeze plays the rhythm guitar

How long have you been together?

I Love Rich has been together for about 8 years now, but we've had a few different line-ups over the years.

What's the music scene like there?

Well, we're from Chicago, and despite some flaws (there's too many cliques in the music scene, too many rap metal bands, local music writers crappy art-rock bias) the scene here is pretty good. There are a few really good places to play, some pretty cool bands to play with, and although shows can be hit and miss sometimes, there are a lot of people who usually will come out to a good rock show. And tons of bands have gotten signed and become pretty successful from here (Disturbed, Smashing Pumpkins, Soil), although if you want my personal opinion most of the bands who got signed weren't close to being the best the Chicago rock scene has to offer, but you know, that's life.

How many Disc have you recorded?

We have recorded two discs, in 1997 we released our live album (from our sold out tour of Cambodia) "Live, Wett, Drippin' with Sexx" and in 2001 we released "The Greatest Rock'N'Roll Album of All Time!". I would highly advise buying 2 copies of each.

What would you say Is your biggest Influences?

Our biggest influences are The Ramones, Kiss, the Dickies, Hanoi Rocks, Spinal Tap, and what not.

What would you say Is the biggest crowd you've played for?

We've played to around 2,000 people a few times, when we were either opening for a bigger band or doing a bigger outdoor fest.

Name one song you wish you had written?

"Living in America" by James Brown.

What band would you love to get on stage and play with?

I'm not sure if you mean who would we want to jam with or who we would want to tour with? (Either) Iggy Pop would be the answer, although for the record the Dickies would be a close second.

Name the first/last cd you purchased?

The first record I actually bought was "For Those About to Rock" by AC/DC , The last disc I bought was Andrew W.K. "I Get Wet" which rules

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you?

People may be surprised to find out that I'm fluent in fourteen different languages, 15 if you count the "language of love". Also, I'm a classically trained dance instructor, I specialize in teaching the Lambada, "the forbidden dance".

If you could only have one cd to listen to for the rest of your life, What would it be?

The Greatest Rock'N'Roll Album of All Time!" of course, maybe the CD Smash comp once it's released (That's my boy!!!)

Your all time favorite movie?

"This is Spinal Tap" or "Major League"

What's you biggest fear?

Fear itself.

And here is one from the good people at THE FIRST CHURCH OF HOLY ROCK AND ROLL..

Recently, I had a chance to interrogate Rich....

How did four guys become of one mind to engage in the carnal pursuit that is I Love Rich?

Well, there are a few important things you need to understand to be in this band. First off, obviously, you need to know how to rock. And of course, you've got to be sexy. Then, you have to understand "the Magnitude of Me" and realize how much I rule. Plus, you need to be kind of cocky.

I noticed that you've been on bills with some of the "Swedish Invasion" bands, who fucking rock most of the time, but don't always seem to have a sense of humor about the music they make. What have been their reactions to your approach? Which band that you've shared the stage with most overwhelmed you?

Usually, there are 2 responses we get from bigger bands when we play with them, and from people in general, really. Either they realize we're the coolest band they've seen (or heard) in a while, or they're offended by our act and think we're assholes for doing what we do. We've gotten nothing but good reviews for the new record, so that's a good sign. But there are always people who are going to take things too seriously, which is stupid. I'm not saying every band has to be the smart asses we are, but there's a ton of people in rock who need to fucking lighten up. C'mon guys, you're (relatively) young, having fun playing music you wrote and people are digging it, quit complaining and have some fun with it. Most of my favorite bands (The Dickies, KISS, D.L.R. era Van Halen) have an obvious sense of humor, and their sense of humor is one of the reasons they stood the test of time. It's when bands start taking themselves too seriously that they end up looking really ridiculous.
As for what band most overwhelmed me, it's tough to say because we've played with a lot of great bands. But if I had to pick one, performance, I'd say the first time we played with the Orphan Punks. I almost needed to change my pants by the time their set was over.....

What's the biggest frenzy you've ever whipped a crowd up into? What city's given you the best reception outside of Chicago?

Ever see a room full of a few hundred people have a volcanic orgasm at the same time? If you haven't, just go to one of our shows. It's hard to pick just one town outside of Chicago, but I'd say Green Bay is probably our next favorite town to play.

Do any of your fans come backstage and try to act out "Ladies in Waiting"?

Only the lucky ones....

For readers who may be skeptical, why check out I Love Rich when there's the Dictators, Kiss, and This is Spinal Tap?

I think it's obvious why the ladies would want to check us out. And the same principal applies to guys, too. See, guys, let me let you in on a little secret. Listening to an I LOVE RICH record with a girl, or better yet, bringing a girl to see us play, will work like Spanish Fly. If you take a girl to see us play, you will score on the drive home, probably twice if you can handle it. In fact, The "I LOVE RICH effect," as it is known in some circles, is so strong that it counts as foreplay in certain regions. And if you don't have a date, there are plenty of excited young women at our shows, but you may have to wait 'till we're done with them. Plus, if you get past our good looks and the flashing lights, you just might realize that we're a hell of a rock and roll band too.......

(How) Was the band talked into its name? And do you all get equal amounts of action?

The bands name came about (and keep in mind, it was Drewblood who came up with it) because all the guys kept hearing was good looking (and honestly, a few not so good looking) women repeating the phrase "I Love Rich" over and over, so it just kind of stuck. It was either ILR or "Oh, Rich, don't stop, you are the KING", and we thought ILR was a better name. And, of course the other guys don't get the action I do, but then again, who does?

Have you written any songs that you yourselves have been wary of performing or recording (due to scabrous content)?

Uh, I have no idea what the word scabrous means.

Any plans to write a definitive, career-topping power ballad? What would be its gist?

Of course. Right now, the plan is for us to get signed to a major label, release 2 or 3 critically acclaimed, balls out rock and roll albums that will give us a reasonable sized following but aren't exactly platinum sellers. Then, when we realize that we're in our mid 30s and totally in debt, we will release a record that is a total "sell out," with a bunch of matchbox 20-esque pop ballads and love songs. Then, after we become millionaires, we will dump our girlfriends and stop talking to all our old friends. I'm going to move into MC Hammer's old place, and I'm sure one of us will end up "dating" Pamela Anderson. All the usual rock star crap. And we'll only talk to the big rock people, like MTV, Rolling Stone, and of course, The First Church of Holy Rock and Roll.

Besides yourself, who's the ultimate be-Spandexed, glammed-out, long-locked rock and roll front man?

Well, my obvious love for Paul Stanley aside, I would have to say that in his prime, David Lee Roth was probably the ultimate rock and roll front man. But you would also have to include Leonard form the Dickies on that list, too.

What records are keeping I Love Rich sane these days?

So far, my favorite 2 records from this year would be "Are You Man Enough?" by Betty Blowtorch and the Mushuganas self-titled disc they put out. All of you reading this should check out both discs, right after you purchase a copy of "The Greatest Rock'N'Roll Album of All Time." (see above website for info!)

Any upcoming touring or recording plans we at The First Church need to know about?

We will tour some next year, we're going to try to go to California early next year (it gets too cold here in Chicago) and we're going to make a trip or two out East soon. If anyone thinks we should hit their town or club, by all means, drop us a line and let us know.

This next insightful Q+A session comes from Germany's ROCK REUINON

The glam / punk rock band I LOVE RICH from Chicago has released its second CD called "The Greatest Rock'N'Roll Record Of All Time". The singer of this humble bunch, Rich himself, answered our questions.

Please introduce the band and the members.

I'm RICH and I'm the lead singer and bass player. The infamous Drewblood is our drummer, Eider Ferrari is our lead guitar player, and Samuel L. Action plays the rhythm guitar. Both Eider and Samuel do back up vocals as well.

Tell us more about the history of the band.

Well, we've got a long and amazingly boring history, but here's a short version. The band is about 7 years old. When we started, our guitar player was a guy named Tommy Sexx. We definitely had our hard rock influences, but at the time we had more of a Ramones pop-punk thing going on than we do now. Anyway, after about three years we released our first cd, the critically acclaimed "Live, Wett, Drippin With Sexx", and then, in a controversial and daring promotional technique, parted ways with Tommy almost immediately after it was released. Then, for about a year we had a variety of guys in and out of the band for a variety of reasons, until we were lucky enough to find Cuban sensation Eider Ferrari to play with us in 1998. After a few years of kicking ass, we decided it was time to release a album, but we didn't want to waste peoples time with just any old album, so we released "The Greatest Rock'N'Roll Record of All Time"!!

What musical background do you have?

I was classically trained to play the bass since the day I was born. I have been working on my instrument 12 hours a day since the day I was born. And that's why I am the best bass player in the history of music. Or something like that.

How would you describe your style?

Drew likes to say we're a "cock rock" band, but I just think he's looking for an excuse to say the word cock. I guess we would be considered a glam-punk rock and roll kind of thing. Sometimes when I read reviews of the band or when people are talking to me they will compare us to someone who I don't necessarily think we sound like, but that's ok. We don't really care, well, as long as people like the band, we really don't care about what category people think we fall into.

Who are your musical influences?

I would have to say the Dickies, KISS, the Ramones, the Dead Boys, Hanoi Rocks, Motorhead, you know, rock and roll bands.

What are your 5 all time favourite albums?

Obviously, the two I LOVE RICH albums would finish 1 and 2 on my list, but I assume you would mean other peoples music here. So here's 5 favorite albums in no particular order -
KISS "Alive"
The Dickies "We Aren't the World"
The Dead Boys "Young, Loud and Snotty"
Aerosmith "Toys in the Attic"
Warrior Soul "Adventures of the Space Age Playboys"

What are your current favourites?

Well, obviously I LOVE RICH is my current favorite band, but I just may be a bit biased. But there are some other great bands out there, like the Mushuganas and the Teenage Frames. I really like the Wildhearts and the Marvelous 3, although I think the M3 broke up. That Betty Blowtorch album is very good. Here in town there are some other pretty good bands like Callahagn and the Mashers. Like always, there are some great bands out there for people to check out, but you have to be looking for them. Because there sure as Hell isn't much good music on the radio or on MTV right now.

Tell us more about the songwriting and the recordings of your current CD.

Hmm, there are 2 ways I LOVE RICH tunes get written. Usally, either I have the vocals done and we put music behind it, or someone has a guitar riff and we try to write a tune around it. It's usually easier to write a tune around the vocals, but any idea I have for a song is great, so it all works out no matter which way we put the tune together.
As for the recording of the disc, we were one of the last bands to record at Attica studios here in Chicago with our good friend Chuck Uchida. Recording was a blast and everything came out great, we hope to work with him again sometime.

What are your lyrics dealing with?

Our lyrics deal with a variety of subjects, from how hard we rock, to how badly women want us, to how much we are able to please women, our lyrics cover it all...

How did you finance the recordings?

Well, we fund the money the band makes, so we paid for it out of the band fund. It was a totally DIY thing. Hey, how about that, we're indie! We have credibility! Who knew?

Where and how do you distribute the CD?

It's available online, right now, for anyone in the world to buy, through interpunk (there's a direct link to our discs from our web page), and you can also order it through Choke distribution.

Are you in contact with record labels?

If you mean contact as in are we washing record executives cars, cleaning their toilets and turning tricks for them in the hope that will sign us then yes, we are in contact with them.

Do you have more finished songs? Do you already have plans for the next CD?

Yeah, we have about 4 or 5 tunes that we're working on, and I would think that there will be another I LOVE RICH album sometime, but probably not for at least another year. As far as plans for the next disc, we're rock and roll musicians, and as such we really don't have a lot of long range plans and concerns other than if we have enough beer money for tonight.

Do you regularly play live? Tell us more about your gigs.

Yes, we play live all the time, like all good rock and roll bands should. We've played all around the midwest, and we've done hundreds of shows in our hometown of Chicago. As for what we do, we have a totally over top rock and roll, glam rock spectacular. We have lights, fog, fire, and sexy rock and roll moves that drive the ladies wild with desire. Most people love it, a few disturbed individuals hate it, but I guarantee you won't be bored.

What has been your biggest musical achievement / success so far?

I would think releasing "The Greatest Rock'N'Roll Album of All Time" would be a huge musical achievement, wouldn't you?

Is there anything else you want to mention?

Yes, I think everyone reading this should buy our disc. Actually, I think everyone should buy two copies in case you wear out the first.

What are your plans for the near future?

Well, as far as the band goes, we just want people to listen to the band and check it out. Everything else should take care of itself if people will just listen. As far as personal plans, I'm thinking about grabbing lunch and a few beers in about half an hour.

This last one is from the good people at Baltimores ROCK AND ROLL EXPERIENCE

I Love Rich is a power pop, glam, sleaze rock band from the Windy City & Rock N Roll Experience is very proud to offer you, the rock fan, a first glimpse at this new & exciting band....

Rock N Roll Experience: How long has the band been together?

Rich: We've got kind of a long and boring history, but here's a quick version. We started in about 1994, we had a guy named Tommy Sexx who was our original guitar player. We definitely had our hard rock influences, but we had more of a Ramones pop punk kind of thing going on when we started. Anyway, 3 years later we had a parting of the ways with Tommy and then we actually had a few different guys in the band who all didn't work out for various reasons until we found Eider Ferrari in 1998. And we've been ruling the rock world ever since...

Rock N Roll Experience: How come there is a 2nd guitarist on the back cover of the CD but he didn't play on the CD?

Rich: You know, I've been suprised at how few people have called us on this. That's our rhythm guitar player, Samuel L. Action who joined the band after we had already recorded most of the disc. Sam did add some background vocals on it, but he didn't play guitar on any of it. We weren't 100 percent sure at the time how long he was going to be with the band, so he didn't feel comfortable doing the photo shoot with us. But that picture on the back of the CD is from a live show, and we thought it would be cheesy to edit him out, so he got his picture on the back of the disc. So he will forever live on in infamy, even if he leaves the band!

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you perform any cover songs live & if so which ones?

Rich: We don't usually do covers, but we have been known to slide one in the set occasionally. We've played "Rock Queen" by Love/Hate, "You Can Still Rock in America" by Night Ranger and "Bathroom Wall" by Faster Pussycat. I think we are going to start doing "Prime Mover" by Zodiac Mindwarp , one of my all time favorite tunes, pretty soon. Oh yeah, we've played "What Love Is" by the Dead Boys too.

Rock N Roll Experience: Who's a bigger influence to you, KISS or Hanoi Rocks?

Rich: I really haven't heard KISS, people keep telling me they sound like us, I have to check them out..... Just kidding. The two biggest influences on the band are KISS and the Ramones, but Hanoi Rocks are a huge influence too.

Rock N Roll Experience: What's the biggest show you've played?

Rich: I think the biggest crowd we played too was either Sloppypalooza (All day punk rock and roll thing featuring the Meatmen, Sloppy Seconds, and many, many more) at the Fountain Square Theater in Indianapolis or when we opened for Night Ranger (believe it or not) at Joes here in Chicago. Both shows were around 1,500 people.

Rock N Roll Experience: How has the Chicago music scene embraced you?

Rich: Fairly well, it's not like we're the biggest band in town, but we get pretty good shows and can bring a good amount of people in. We probably do as well as a rock and roll band can do these days. Chicago (like most everywhere else I imagine) is kind of over run with rap metal bands right now. That's okay, I'm sure most of those guys will be doing something different in two years.

Rock N Roll Experience: Will you record a music video?

Rich: Yeah, I think we're going to do one before the year is up, either for "Gonna-Gonna Get Some" or for "Worlds Greatest Lover".

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you play music for a living or do you have a day job? (You don't have to answer that if you don't want to)

Rich: No. Like most bands that aren't on major labels we all have days jobs. Actually, I work at a bar so I have a night job.

Rock N Roll Experience: What's your favorite cartoon?

Rich: The old Spider-Man cartoons from the late 60's, although the ones from the 90's were pretty good too. The NBC Saturday morning Spidey cartoons in the 80's kind of sucked. Actually, I'm a big fan of all the old Marvel Comics cartoons from the 60's, I love the cheesy animation. I'm a big Simpsons fan too, but I don't know if they really count as just a "cartoon", as they would be the best television show ever.

Rock N Roll Expereince: What was your first concert?

Rich: I saw Aerosmith right after "Permanent Vacation" came out and they were really great. It was before that record took off, so they only played 3 or 4 songs off that album, and they focused on their older, much better material. Dokken opened up, and they were very good, even though I'm not a big Dokken fan.

Rock N Roll Experience: If your only as good as your last was your last show?

Rich: Well, our last show was pretty fucking good, we played the Double Door (big corporate rock Chicago Club) and it went well. It was kind of a last second gig for us, and we were like "the opening band" for another show (it wasn't really our crowd), but we kicked ass and won some new folks over, which all bands need to do from time to time, so I have to say it was good.